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Awesome Women Entrepreneurs


Project Overview

Awesome Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a regional networking group for women business owners in the DC metro area. We created their brand identity, logo, messaging, photography, marketing materials, social media graphics and art directed the membership website design.

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Color Palette

The intense fuschia promotes high-energy, compassion, and support. Turquoise represents clarity of thought, harmony and communication. Gray is sleek, secure and mature.



We chose the Museo for AWE’s typography b/c the collection of faces were varied in serif, san serif, weight and width. The original branding used mostly Museo slab but we transitioned to the san serif for it’s clean, simple appearance and legibility on mobile devices.



Having authentic photography is important when building an organization that fosters networking and community. Members want to see themselves. Design Powers documents the monthly meetings, highlighting the varied interactions and women who are members.



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