Why We Recommend Squarespace for Small Business Owners


We love Squarespace and have built many sites on it because of the benefits. It’s often the perfect solution for small business websites and online stores with limited product lines but it isn’t for every business. Here’s why we recommend Squarespace and why it may be the right platform for you.

Designs that Spark Joy

Squarespace templates are beautifully designed with user interface and user experience, known as UI/UX, best practices, which means form and function are baked right in. Thoughtful, minimalistic design with visual graphics and just enough text to get your message across will capture the attention of busy people.

“But will my website look Squarespacey?”. The answer could be yes, no, or maybe. The templates are used as a jumping-off point. They are 100% fully customizable so that your site will be as unique as your business. Complete customization with CSS and JavaScript are available.

User-Friendly for Friendly Users

Adding content, tweaks and updates are necessary but hiring someone every time you need to make a change gets pricey. Whether adding a new blog post, updating page content or adding a new staff member — you’ll be able to make changes quickly. The user interface is clean and intuitive making it straightforward to learn.

Squarespace was created with the do-it-yourself user in mind, making it simple for you to maintain, update, and monitor your website on your own. Building pages is a matter of dragging and dropping blocks in a page editor, and back-end tasks are not difficult with clearly labeled menus and panels.

Even the least tech-savvy among us are able to figure out the platform. After you get to know the back-end you may find yourself having fun while using it.

All the Features You Need

Squarespace is an all-in-one content management system or CMS. A subscription includes content hosting, domain name registration, free SSL security, professionally designed templates, unlimited bandwidth and security, SEO features, advanced website analytics, fully-integrated e-commerce, professional e-mail from Google, announcement bars and promotional popups, integrations, and so much more. It certainly has most, if not all of the features a small business needs.

Crushes on Mobile

We don’t need to convince you that your site must work and look good on mobile, but in case you missed it…read up on why your site needs to be responsive. Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic.

With that in mind, it’s critical that websites perform across any device and screen size. Every Squarespace template includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the website, so the content will look great on every device, every time. And according to this post from Backlinko, Squarespace crushes at mobile page load speed.

No Maintenance Fees

Squarespace is a self-contained platform that works seamlessly and is fully managed from top to bottom. This means there’s never any need to update plugins or patch security vulnerabilities, or worry that changing one component might break something else.

It also means there’s rarely any need to investigate or pay for third-party apps or plugins since most functionality is native to Squarespace. The cost of maintenance is included in your annual or monthly plan.

24/7 Website Support

After your website goes live most design agencies offer some kind of after-launch support plan or maintenance package. This is an easy way to keep your website updated, but because your site will be self-managed Squarespace has your back.

The Customer Care team at Squarespace is available seven days a week, 24-hours a day, and has won several awards for outstanding customer support. Plus you have access to an extensive knowledge base with webinars, guides, videos, and community forums on Squarespace’s help site. Their help site is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

We hope this helps get you started on your decision-making process. If you need help, we would love to discuss your website needs and give you a recommendation. You can reach out to us here. If you have any questions drop a line in the comments.