9 Signs it’s Time to Break-Up with your Frustrating Website + Easy to Follow Tips to Help You Move On


Less sales, changing attitudes and other telltale indications of trouble ahead. Breaking up is hard to do. Before you say “it’s over”, make sure your website is screaming “Help me, I am seriously out-of-date!”. 

Remember, every relationship needs nurturing and love. And your website is no different.

If your website is two or three years old and hasn’t been looked at for a while, there’s a strong chance your design, development and copy need some work.

Below are 9 warning signs of an outdated website and some actionable steps you can take right now to test and improve your site.


1. Your website looks old fashioned and out of date

This one may be a tad obvious but, first impressions are everything. 

You have a few seconds to attract your audience and meet their expectations. If your website doesn’t look or feel professional and is clearly out-of-date visitors will simply move on.

Be honest. Look at your competitors websites and ask yourself the question; Does my website look as good as theirs? Then ask colleagues, friends and possibly even clients what they think. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s simply time to update.

There are many professionals who are here to help. Get a website audit from an experienced web designer, developer, and/or copywriter. They will tell you what needs to be done to make your website goals a reality.


2. It offers a poor user experience or has technical errors

Nothing gets visitors hitting the back button faster than hard to find content, links that don’t work or difficulty navigating a website. 

The purpose of your website is to provide visitors with everything they need to make an informed buying decision. People are searching for answers. If it’s a struggle to find them they’ll look elsewhere. 

Explore your site on different browsers and devices. Look at your site from a visitors perspective. Where do you want new customers to go and what do you want them to do? 

Is the user experience too hard? Could it be easier?


3. Low number of visitors

Analytics can tell you a lot about your website. High bounce rates or low levels of engagement on your site is an obvious sign that your copy writing or design is not working.

Pay attention to data and user analytics. Use Google Analytics to measure your websites performance. There’s always room for improvement!


4. It’s not responsive: It Doesn’t Work right on phones and tablets

Websites that adapt to different screen sizes are known as ‘responsive’. If your website isn’t responsive it needs to be updated. 

Google prioritizes mobile experience for their ranking criteria, so if you want your site to show up closer to page one in mobile search results, your website needs to be responsive! 

Google now places such importance on responsive mobile design, they provide a mobile-friendly tool for people to check the responsiveness of their website. Type your domain in to check your website. Check out our blog post to learn more about why your website needs to be responsive here.


5. Low ranking for your most important keywords

If you’re not generating web traffic from your most important keywords you should consider re-writing your text on all pages to ensure your written content is easy to read and more search-engine friendly. 

If you don’t feel confident writing your copy there are many professional copy writing freelancers and businesses that are happy to help you.

Always use well written text, rich in the keywords that apply to your business and industry. Label headings correctly (h1, h2, h3) and write descriptive site and page titles. Apply meta-tags and clearly label image titles and alt-tags. You can also write longer blog posts (1,500 – 2,500 words).

These things will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


6. You receive large amounts of spam email or warnings of attack

Online security is a threat to business owners. It’s vital your website is resistant to hackers. Warning messages or large amounts of email from unfamiliar addresses are clear red flags that should be acted on promptly. 

There are lots of steps you can take, like updating your site, and tools to use in order to keep your site safe from cyber attacks and free of spam, ie: recaptcha. If you’re getting spammed it’s time to take a look at and fix what’s happening under the hood of your website.


7. You don’t have a Content Management System (CMS)

Your website should be developed using a CMS. A CMS is software that makes it easy for you and your team to update and manage the content on your website without having to know html or css code. It allows you to edit pages, upload content, write and schedule blog posts and give multiple users different permission levels to access your site. 

There are lots of CMS’s out there, but we highly recommend Squarespace. It’s user-friendly, has built-in SEO capabilities, responsive design, secure connections (free SSL), online store capabilities, 24/7 award winning support, and has years in the making (founded in 2003).


8. Slow loading pages

Search engines pay quite a bit of attention to the time web pages take to load.

In fact, they rank quicker pages above those with slow loading times. Visitors increasingly expect sites to appear at lightning speed (less than 2 seconds). It’s safe to say your site should load in under 5 seconds.

Use a tool like Google’s Page Speed Insights to test your site speed. If the homepage takes longer than 3 seconds to load – over a good broadband connection – this is considered a slow load time. It’s not the end of the world, but it definitely deters visitors.

The good news is you can do something about it! Optimizing your images for the web can make a big difference in load speeds. Check and make sure your images are under 500kb. For more site specific action to take, use Google’s tool listed above.


9. You’re not generating new leads Online

A website should be your best marketing tool, generating new leads, converting visitors into buyers and growing your business on a daily basis. If your website isn’t generating any leads, sales or conversions it’s not doing it’s job and it’s time for a change.

The elements on your website should showcase your services, provide value to visitors, and market your business. Successful sites include well designed landing pages, short contact forms, prominently placed calls-to-action and helpful links to the most important pages. 

Make a goal to update your site with engaging content and simplify your user experience. You need design and copy that converts!


Ready to move on?

Now that you know key warning signs of an outdated website and some tips to improve, it’s time for you to get to work. 

Need Some Help?

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Great website design is engaging yet easy to navigate. It has a clear purpose, audience and calls-to-action. 

It’s responsive and loads fast. It has a unique style, good typography, and high-quality images. 

It has the right words and colors and the right amount. It’s secure, reliable, and doesn’t nag you with monthly maintenance. 

A good website will establish your credibility, attract your ideal clients, showcase your services, and generate leads that convert. 

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