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Maura Fredericks


Project Overview

Maura Fredericks is an executive coach in Arlington, Virginia. She was struggling with her brand and website. After completing our Power Plan she got clarity on who her ideal client is and brand direction.

We strategized and developed a custom website that included professional photography, a typographic logo, and a minimalistic design that emphasize her calls to action. Maura’s site is sophisticated and showcases her executive coaching services.

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What Maura says…


Maura Fredericks
Coaching for Executives

We worked with Maura to build a easy to edit website that conveys her credibility to her ideal clients and generates leads.

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Color Palette

Maura’s brand colors reflect what’s in Maura’s environment and expresses who she is and the type of client she wants to work with. We chose a luxurious deep warm grey that is rich and contemporary combined with a bright copper for contrast and a sophisticated antique pearl.



Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Through our research of her target market we chose Rama Gothic, a bold and tall sans-serif typeface and Proxima Nova, a classic readable web font.


Selected Pages

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