Why do we focus on 1-3 person women-owned service businesses?

Because we want to help you communicate your difference and generate leads!

Design Powers began as a graphic design firm in 1996. Since that time, we’ve had two websites, both poorly executed,  in content management systems that didn’t stand the test of time. Often, we simply didn’t have a website because the process felt daunting and expensive.

In the last several years, we’ve built websites for various types of clients. We’ve used this experience to fine tune an efficient way to help 1-3 person women-owned service businesses (like us) get online.

photo of Emily and evelyn
Photo of Evelyn Powers in a circle shape
headshot of Emily Krause in a circle shape

Clients who have Design Powers!


Doug Rosen, co-owner of Arrowine, an Arlington institution, came to Design Powers wanting a website that positions him as the wine expert that he is and to design a site selling  his recommendations, and showcasing his travelogue. He is a man of firsts who wants to share his extensive knowledge with his colleagues and those who make wine. 

Design Powers designed his site to be dynamic and readable and to reflect Doug’s outsized personality and wine knowledge. Like fine wine, we hope as the site matures and Doug gets a little more time, we’ll be able to offer more of his amazing recommendations and products.


Evelyn is a co-founder of Awesome Women Entrepreneurs, AWE, a regional networking group and online membership platform. She is responsible for AWE’s branding, photography and digital marketing and messaging. Although Design Powers did not do the site development (it’s a complex membership site) much of her design aesthetic and WordPress knowledge has informed it.

If you are a woman business owner and would like to join the best networking group in the DC metro area, please visit AWE. If you become a Design Powers client, you’ll get a year of membership in AWE for free! Nothing better than getting a new shiny website to market your services and a group of seriously awesome women business owners to socialize, collaborate and do business with!


Condo 1 is a boutique real estate company that specializes in buying, selling, renting and managing condos along Metro’s Orange Line in Arlington, Virginia. It’s run by gregarious Tom Meyer. Tom and his seriously capable team of Julia, Natalie and Michellemanage most of the condo buildings along the orange line in Atown. Design Powers has been helping Condo 1 keep up with the latest technologies necessary to get leads, sell, rent and manage properties via online.

Design Powers was responsible for the digital strategy, the design and project management.