5 things your logo should say about you


Your logo is like the front door of your business. It’s a first impression.

A logo is a graphic mark made from symbols, colors, and text. Logos are used to get across messages, ideas, concepts, and thoughts. They’re designed for recognition of organizations, businesses and groups.

They’re used to build identity within a business. The overall identity is a brand. Your logo is not your brand, it’s a piece of a brand. An extremely important piece…

There are tons of logos out there in the world. Imagine a logo right now, any logo, it doesn’t matter which one. A logo instantly triggers a thought or feeling about that brand. Studies show even toddlers are brand conscious and can recognize brand names. That’s the power of a well-designed symbol.

We see logos everywhere – from business cards, vehicles, advertisements, websites and social media platforms. That’s why logos need to be versatile and adaptable. Because sometimes they need to be a 10ft store front sign and a 100 pixel favicon.

A great logo is appropriate, memorable, timeless, simple, and has impact. Logos are essentially symbols that convey a message of a larger brand.

A well-designed logo isn’t the only indicator of a successful business, but a thoughtful, eye-catching logo design will help you establish yourself as a reputable brand in a competitive space.

Your logo should say these 5 things about your business:

⁣1. I am a professional and I take my business seriously.⁣

2. I know what my brand represents.⁣

3. I understand the audience that I am trying to reach.⁣

4. I am modern and up-to-date.

5. I am unique and recognizable. ⁣

You logo should capture your brand to create an identity that people relate to.